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Hello everybody!

Since they invented these devlogs,which is really helpful, I am going to start writting what I actualy do here. So as you can see the latest version (v1.0.5) is released and in it I worked on the clones health,some ammo and the dialogue box. Now the healthbar that's supposed to be shown above the clones health ain't working properly so I will try to fix it in the near future, however the health is working perfectly, you just need to shoot the clone 2 times to kill him. This actually makes you move around the map since you don't kill them instantly. I will see if it will go too far that you can't move any more and maybe change the spawning rate. Oh, almost forgot the ammo. You have max 100 ammo in your pistol (Will be changed soon as I add more weapons), you can reload any time by pressing "R". You have infinite ammo so you can do what ever you want with it. And that would be pretty much it for the ammo and health. I am planning on getting the map bigger and stuff like that but it will take me some looong time so please be patient. I know this game ain't popular or somethin like that and I don't say it should be but please share it with your friends as they can help me and maybe my future team in this game development. I am making a discord channel where we can discuss about everything and you can watch behind the scenes action. Thanks for everything and stay tuned for more!! :)


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May 19, 2017

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