Devlog Numba 3

Aloha everyone!

In this update I didn't actually manage to fix them two bugs but close enough. I have added a couple things and before I say which are they I wanna give a shoutout to my friend that made the BG music for the game! Coatedpolecat! Check him on Soundcloud: . So let's get to them things I've added in this update. First off Now you can't reload with the uzi for ever so only the pistol has Infinite ammo. Air drop is done by an eagle, Sponsor Eagle gave me that idea xD. Anyway every now and then you'll get an airdrop with 80 bullets which is max for the uzi. Uzi is kinda OP but since it has ammo now it's not so much. I still consider to large-up the map but that should be the next week, actually, weekend to be precise. I think we have really done a good job about this version. And by we I mean Coatedpolecat and me. Another shoutout to him and please check his soundcloud and maybe request some music from him. This is it from me and him. Enjoy and remember to join our Discord and share the game with your friends.

See yaaaaa!!!


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May 21, 2017

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