Devlog Numba 2

Hey everyone, I am back with another Devlog.

Today I released another version of Clones (v1.0.6) and it turned out really well! It is kinda a smaller update but I still consider it big for me. Basically I added another weapon and ammo (which is still infinite) and now you can switch between the Mini-uzi and the Pistol. There is 2 bugs (more if I recognize them any time soon) that will be fixed in the next update. Now one bug is kinda helpful but I wont give it away you have to find it for your self :) but the second one is just out-raging. You will find that one too. But after all the version turned out really good and I just can't believe that I made it this far with my game. I really thought that I will stop after some time of developing and lose my motivation but I didn't. And I am grateful for that! Make sure you give me feedback eather here in the comments or in the fresh and new Discord

Enjoy people and share the game with your friends :) <3


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May 20, 2017

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